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Consumer & Business Debt Settlement

Settle Quickly

A benefit of Debt Settlment is the ability to settle quickly.

Rather than extending payments out from two to three years, DS Financial will negotiate usually a flat sum of 25%-40% of the amount due to your lender. This sum will be paid in full after the agreement is finalized in writing by the lender and accepted by you the borrower.

If it is in your best interest to spread your payments over a period of a few weeks or a few months time we make every effort to form an agreement to your advantage. With this time proven strategy our clients experience the freedom of moving on with their lives quickly and the freedom of dismissing constant stress due to debt and due to the intrusive actions of banks, lenders and collection agencies.

We Will Work Hard For You

You’ll Have… More time to Enjoy Life, Less Stress, and More Money to spend on your family
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