About Us

Settle Bank Debt specializes in enabling American citizens to settle their debts through paying lower sums to their creditors. We’re the experts in debt settlement as we have a team with decades of experience.

Who are We?

Settle Bank Debt is made up of a team of fully-qualified debt counselors with years of experience. There are few who can match us for our expertise and our desire to help ordinary Americans get out from the shadow of debt.

Every debt counselor is specialized in providing debt relief to ordinary people. There are no novices on our team. We only accept the very best. And we don’t just search for qualifications and experience we search for passion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide lasting debt relief to the clients we deal with. One of our main goals is to ensure that creditors are not able to bully potentially vulnerable debtors into submission. You have other options, and one of them doesn’t have to be a painful bankruptcy or an ineffective consolidation agreement.

But we go the extra mile. Helping our clients pay off their debts is just part of the process. We also believe in educating our clients about the processes and strategies creditors use to bully them. We want to ensure that this never happens to them again.

And in the long-term, we want to ensure that they can borrow money in a way that’s sustainable. We even provide guidance on how they can get their credit score back on track in under a year!

What Sets Us Apart

You deal with a human debt counselor. That means you won’t be subject to generic advice. We take each case individually. Our debt settlement strategies are never standardized because debt is never standardized.

We take away the main sources of stress inflicted by creditors. For example, we ensure that creditors can no longer harass you through diverting their calls directly to our offices. Settle Bank Debt has helped thousands of individuals and businesses cut themselves off from harassment by creditors.

What really sets us apart, though, is our record of accomplishment. The majority of our clients receive debt relief because of our aggressive stance. We make it clear to creditors. They have two options to choose from: agree to debt settlement or risk receiving nothing at all because the only other path is bankruptcy.

Unsurprisingly, most creditors would rather get some of their money back so they want to actively work with us.

So, what do you get by working with us that you don’t get anywhere else?

  • An individualized approach delivered not by robots but a professional debt expert.
  • Relief from the stress of creditor harassment.
  • A strong track record of success.
  • Brutally honest feedback. If we can’t give you the aid you need we’ll tell you.
  • The best debt settlement prices in the industry.

Take the First Steps to Financial Freedom Today

Get rid of that weight that is your debt. Get rid of creditor harassment and sleep better at night. Settle Bank Debt offers a free debt consultation with a professional counselor.

Schedule your consultation today. It will be the best decision you make this year.