Consumer Debt Reduction

Lenders loan out money and credit with the hopes that the borrower will not pay their balance in full at the end of the month. This means they can capitalize on the interest rates alone over a period of years in most cases. Instead of owing just what you’ve borrowed, you can owe hundreds to thousands of dollars in interest and late fees.

In many cases, your debt can be reduced to not just your original loan amount, but also lower than that. In some instances, your debt counselor may be able to set up a debt settlement plan where you pay just 25% of the entire debt. To eliminate so much is truly debt relief.

You’d jump at an opportunity to save 75% off a purchase, right? Well, jump at this opportunity to decrease 75% of your overall debt with a debt settlement plan you can stick to.

The Types of Consumer Debt Reduction

You may have heard rumors that only certain debt settlement plans work. However, we work to provide a variety of debt relief for our clients. Truthfully, you can settle with just about any financial entity. We've helped our clients save thousands of dollars over the years. We work on strategizing solutions so you don’t have to. A few of the debt settlement cases we’ve worked with include:

  • certain student loans
  • medical bills
  • lines of credit
  • credit card debts
  • personal loans

We can even settle bank debt in certain situations. By contacting us today, you’ll be assigned a debt counselor that will work with your individual situation. We will strive hard to reduce or eliminate your debt.

What to Expect with a Consumer Debt Reduction Plan

A consumer debt reduction plan isn’t something we handle in our back offices alone. You’ll be involved in many steps of this process. Our debt settlement plans are designed to keep your best interest in mind, today and further down the line.

Bankruptcy is a strategy many organizations push to consumers looking to get their finances back in order. However, we focus on debt relief strategies to get you on a payment arrangement or pay the debt off for an agreed upon settlement amount to keep your credit in good standing and work to increase your score over time.

A few things you can expect from your debt counselor are:

  • Working with you one on one to look at your income, debt, and current expenses.
  • Creating a financial plan which includes budgeting and paying off your debt within an agreed upon timeframe
  • Helping you understand your credit report
  • Creating a plan to increase your credit score
  • Creating a debt settlement plan with your creditors to eliminate or reduce excess fees such as finance charges and late fees.

Other Benefits of a Consumer Debt Reduction Plan

A consumer debt reduction plan with Settle Bank Debt is more than just debt settlement, it’s debt relief. You’ll save money overall, eliminate your debt faster than expected, and have sound, expert advice to keep you on a bright financial future.

Contact one of our season debt counselors today!