Credit Repair

Most consumers are struggling with bad credit scores and reports due to simply not knowing about the importance of good credit. At other times, it’s because they’ve run into bad financial situations such as a loss of income, death of a family member, or increased hospital bills.

No one wants to ditch paying creditors until it gets to the point where they can’t. However, once it’s time to open a new bank account, take out a mortgage or auto loan, or try to finance for a vacation, that’s when reality set’s in and you realize you need to repair your credit. We, at Settle Bank Debt, are here to help. We provide debt relief and debt counseling services through a variety of ways.

Understanding Your Credit Report

Settle Bank Debt is here to give you expert advice regarding your credit report. Like most, you may have never seen your own credit report or understand the different variables that play into your score. Since you’re working one on one with a debt counselor, they will take the time to explain:

  • each area of your credit report
  • the weight and importance of the different factors such as length of credit history and on-time payments
  • the best plan of action to clear up your credit

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what you are up against before trying to fix the problem? Well, it sounds simple, but many credit repair companies do not take the time to explain all the factors that go into correcting your credit report. At the end of the day, you can find yourself back in this same situation. So, it's important to understand your credit report.

Credit Repair Solutions

It doesn’t matter if you need debt settlement with a credit card company or need to settle bank debt, we offer creditors two options to set the record straight: settle the debt for a lesser amount or we will work with our clients on filing for bankruptcy. With the latter, the creditor will receive nothing. For the most part, they do want to receive some form of collection, and that is where your debt counselor will step in and negotiate on your behalf.

Receive a Realistic Plan from Settle Bank Debt Counselors

We are not going to simply repair your credit and leave it at that. Your credit counselor will give you a plan to help you maintain and continuously improve your credit score. Many clients can get their credit scores to 700 and above within just 4 months of settling their debt’s by following the credit repair advice our experts give.

Once you have your plan, this does not mean life must cease to exist. You can still apply for credit, use your credit cards and lines of credit, and best of all save money. You can save money because having a solid credit score above 700 gives you access to lower interest rates. Contact Settle Bank Debt now so a debt counselor can get started assisting you. We are one of the most reliable and successful debt settlement companies who truly care about our clients.

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